Automated Uniform Delivery

Saving Labor and losses


Autovalet brings order to any Uniform Room operation with its easy-to-use equipment and software.

A 24/7 automated delivery machine replaces attendants handing out uniforms while garment tracking is revolutionised with Dress Code - Autovalet’s in-house software which tracks every item using a bar code or RFID chip.

RFID allows garments to be automatically scanned as they are issued or sent for cleaning. Dress Code updates the employee’s record to show the current location of every garment he has been assigned. The entire inventory can be viewed from any PC at any time!

Autovalet will design the complete Uniform Room layout including:

  • Automated uniform delivery machine for employees
  • RFID chip scanning return bin for soiled uniforms
  • Inquiry counter, seamstress and inventory management area
  • Back stock storage space


Autovalet works with Consultants to provide Uniform Room layouts to companies such as Four Seasons, Marriott and Starwood. Below is a typical arrangement – contact us for a planning guide and to obtain CAD blocks for our systems.