CabiNET Secure Collection

Low Cost and Secure


CabiNet is a modular, secure store for a wide range of inventory that has been fitted with UHF RFID chips.

Each CabiNet unit is equipped with an RFID scanner that detects its contents.Access can be controlled using swipe card or PIN. Data on all items taken is sent to Dress Code whenever the door is opened and closed. Users can be given a credit limit which prevents further access to clean items if their usage is excessive.

Comprising a rugged enclosure fitted with folding doors to minimise obstruction while in use, CabiNet is designed to eliminate store rooms by making stock securely available in hallways closer to the point of use. Managed by Dress Code, operators can impose limits on user access while monitoring stock levels in real time.

  • Small footprint – 500mm deep and 1200mm wide
  • Single or double-height hanging
  • Also available with shelves for linen or mops
  • ID card access or PIN option

A companion Receiver unit also fitted with an RFID scanner records the secure return of soiled items.