Solitaire Garment Sorting

Reduce errors and save labour


Hotel customers who send their garments for cleaning often expect them delivered back in a specific order. They want to be confident that nothing has been left behind and that invoices are accurate.

For the laundry, the best way of answering these needs is to work with the tracking already fitted to the garments. By installing a parallel version of Dress Code (which is automatically updated by each customer), the laundry can track every item sent in and then use this data to sort clean garments into the required order for delivery.

The Solitaire sorting system can handle thousands of garments from multiple accounts. Each item is scanned as it enters the system and this record is used to create the delivery note. The system saves labor at both ends of the process - by eliminating the need to tag soiled garments and by replacing manual sorting of clean items.

Guest Work

Dress Code offers an EPOS solution for guest dry cleaning – allowing cleaners or hotel valet laundry departments to simultaneously mark up garments and calculate the bill.

Replacing ticket books and manual records, the system comprises a touchscreen cash register and slip printer. It will work with either bar codes or our unique re-usable RFID tags and produces a wide range of transaction reports for export to other systems.