Locker Bag Retrieval

Serving large numbers efficiently


Many of the world's largest casinos rely on Autovalet to provide their employees with clean uniforms and protect their inventory.

To cope with the volume of employees arriving for each shift, multiple automated uniform delivery machines are provided. What makes the Autovalet MK machine unique is that it is the only system with no downtime ā€“ it continues to be operational while being loaded! And with just two moving parts, reliability is assured.

Autovalet use their long experience to design every aspect of the Uniform Room in a casino including inquiry counter, fitting rooms, seamstress and inventory storage areas as shown below ā€“ contact us for a planning guide and to obtain CAD blocks for our systems.

Locker Bag Retrieval

Where space is limited, locker bags can be used to provide storage to employees instead of lockers. Holding uniforms and the employeeā€™s own clothes, locker bag retrieval is entirely automated with the Autovalet AutoLoad SP conveyor.

Each bag has two parts ā€“ a lockable inner compartment for storing personal clothes and an external pouch holding clean uniforms. The AutoLoad SP allows employees 24/7 secure access and offers several unique features:

  • The conveyor runs in an enclosed tube which is much safer for operators
  • Metal dust and oil on the garments are eliminated as the wheels are nylon
  • No compressed air is required and there are fewer moving parts