Scrub Exchange

Hygienic and accessible design


Autovalet developed the first scrub dispensing machine in 1982 and installed hundreds of systems across the US. That product line was sold in 1999 and now Autovalet are re-entering the market with a new low-cost, compact system – the Cubby.

Cubby is the only scrub dispensing machine that doesn't make users stoop to retrieve their scrubs. It's also the only design to keep scrubs hygienically clean until issue - because users don't reach into the shelves that hold them.

Two options allow 72 or 164 scrub sets to be offered from the same compact footprint. Soiled items are returned in an integrated or companion unit and recorded. Cubby operates a credit system which requires users to return soiled items in order to collect clean.

  • Operates with scrubs issued as size sets
  • Variable format can accommodate jackets/coats etc
  • Video-control of returned items eliminates marking
  • RFID option for issue and return
  • Easy loading through front doors

Hospital Uniforms

While Cubby is the ideal solution for local distribution of folded items, Autovalet offer two models for centrally dispensing hospital uniforms on hangers.

As with every Autovalet system, garments are tracked using Dress Code and users can be required to return a soiled item before being able to collect a clean one.