Uniform Tracking

Hold on to what you hand out


Autovalet's in-house uniform tracking software Dress Code is widely used to manage the entire inventory of hotels, hospitals and casinos that is either issued to employees or sent out for cleaning. That includes uniforms, accessories, linen and even equipment such PPE, tools and mops.

Dress Code works with bar codes or RFID chips to record the assignment of an item to an employee and then tracks its progress when it is sent to and returned from the laundry. Dress Code protects the property against two common types of losses:

  • Termination losses occur when an employee does not return all that he has been issued with before leaving the property
  • Vendor losses happen when items are sent for cleaning but don’t get returned

In each case, timely data can be used to recover items so that they can be re-used in future rather than buying new. The tracking data that Dress Code collects builds a history of the inventory allowing for accurate purchasing and enforcement of quality standards.

Uniform Conveyors

Although often installed with automated distribution, Dress Code can also be used with uniform conveyors where items are scanned by attendants when issued.

Self-Service Option

In Theme Parks, Dress Code can operate a self-service distribution where the employees select their garments from rails and scan them at manual check-out counters.