RFID Linen Tracking

Closing the linen loop


The advent of UHF chips with their greater scanning range enables RFID linen tracking through Dress Code. Now you can track your linen as it circulates to and from the laundry and see stock levels from any PC.

Autovalet develop a detailed implementation plan for each property, identifying the type and precise location of each scanner. For complete control, scanners should also be installed at the laundry.

Chips are discretely attached to items by inserting them in a pouch which is sewn on to the hem much like a fabric label. Linen can then be tracked as it is sent to the laundry and stock levels can be monitored throughout the property.

In addition to fixed scanners, handhelds running Dress Code's mobile application can be used to count stocks in pantries and remote store rooms.

Linen Tracking at the Laundry

Customers’ own linen is most at risk of loss when it is sent to the laundry. By installing a parallel version of Dress Code (which is automatically updated by each customer), the laundry can sort and track every soiled item sent in and accurately scan out clean.

Scanners are set up in the soiled sorting area and in the clean packing section. Scanning of clean stock is done by bundle, allowing the contents to be checked to ensure they are all the same item and for the same customer. Dress Code will also manage the labelling of each bundle along with the printing of delivery notes.

RFID linen tracking not only protects the inventory at every step of the process but thanks to Dress Code you can now see where your stocks are and plan for their replacement.