RFID Laundry Systems

Improve efficiency and reduce claims

For laundries working with customer-owned goods, DRESSCODE and RFID are invaluable tools for saving labor and reducing loss claims.

Disputes can be readily resolved because both you and your customer see the same data. DRESSCODE tracks all incoming soiled work for each account and follows it through to dispatch.

Autovalet manufactures its own RFID reader for a range of applications in the laundry. Using our Bundle Scanner, you can check to ensure that clean items are all for the same account before loading them into carts – a common source of loss.

Portal Scanners will read carts as they are loaded onto your trucks and the data will be electronically posted to the customer.

Garment Sorting

DRESSCODE allows you to recognize and automatically sort garments that have either bar codes or RFID chips fitted.

Guest Work

DRESSCODE offers an EPOS module for tracking guest work within the laundry. Working with re-usable RFID chips which are also fitted with bar codes, DRESSCODE eliminates paper tickets and makes it possible to search for items in production using a handheld scanner.

    What people are saying

    Alton Towers, UK

    "Management really appreciate the detailed financial information that we can now give them"

    Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong

    "RFID tracking requires no extra labour but gives us so much more information. I can check my cleaning bills and make sure I get every garment back. We hope next year to extend the system to track linen as well."