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Scrub Dispenser

Affordable, Intelligent control of scrubs

CabiNet™ is the intelligent alternative to vended scrubs or open carts. CabiNet works with RFID chips fitted to each scrub item by your laundry.

  • CabiNet™ features sliding doors which don’t block the hallway while in use
  • Fast to load – no pairing of items is necessary
  • Quick to use - no size entry is needed
  • To get a credit, users must return the exact same items they have taken
  • Separate unit for soiled returns
  • Managed by the DRESSCODE software portal

Each unit stores around 300 scrub pieces fitted with RFID chips in a compact 4ft x 2ft footprint (1200 wide x 600 deep).

All transactions are recorded and the entire system is managed by DRESSCODE which displays stocks in real time and issues automated alerts if levels fall.

To find out which laundries are already working with CabiNet™, contact us.

Use CabiNet™ for your customers

If you supply scrubs to hospitals, losses – and who is responsible - will be a common topic in your conversations.

Improve the dialog by offering CabiNet – the affordable way of making users accountable for what they take. Go to our Strategic Partners page for further details.

    What people are saying

    HandCraft Services, USA

    "CabiNet™ answers the demand for an affordable scrub dispenser and allows us to better serve our clients with and intelligent solution uing RFID"

    — Curtis Nichols, Director of Business Development

    Lewis Gale Med Centre, USA

    "Users appreciate the flexibility CabiNet™provides, but know they have to return whatever they have taken — not any scrub but the one they took"

    — Sean Paris, Director EVS