Automated Tracking and Distribution
For Uniforms, Scrubs and Linen

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Save space and labor with an automated uniform room

How we help


Integrated uniform and linen systems for large resorts

How we help


Track linen and garments
with RFID

How we help

Automated uniform rooms for hotels and casinos

From large resorts to boutique hotels, see how we track and distribute uniforms and save space and labor.

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The affordable, intelligent scrub dispenser

Since 1972, Autovalet have provided innovative dispensing systems for uniforms in hospitals. Our latest innovation is CabiNet™ – affordable, intelligent and coming to a hospital near you!


DRESSCODE™ is our Global software application for inventory management

Strategic Partners


Autovalet works with a range of partners to integrate our automated solutions with the products and services they offer.

See how our Partners can add value to your operation or contact us for details of local support.

What people are saying

Alton Towers, UK

"DRESSCODE™ has replaced literally thousands of pieces of paper. And it’s also given us a clear view of our inventory so we now know what we have and what we need to buy. Just from those savings alone, the system has already paid for itself"

Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong

"DRESSCODE™ now gives us all the information we need to hold employees to account. It also shows the stocks we have of each item, allowing us to buy what we need"

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